What's WindowsWAMP
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How to run PHP files on Windows PC? The quickest and easiest way for the beginners is to use this software named WindowsWAMP. You don't have to install Apache, MySQL and PHP separately, in fact, it is often difficult for starters to install these bundles separately and combine them to run PHP script. WindowsWAMP does that for you with just a few clicks. Before installing WindowsWAMP, you don't need to uninstall existing Apache, MySQL and PHP installation. Best of all, WindowsWAMP is fully portable, so you can always easily copy or burn all its files on a CD, DVD or USB drive and launch it wherever you are without prior installation.
» Version: WindowsWAMP 8.78
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» File Size: 24.1 MB
» Runs On: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003
» Price: $39.95 (try it free before you buy)
Programs and Libraries in WindowsWAMP
Programs & Libraries WindowsWAMP
for PHP 5.3 for PHP 5.2 for PHP 4
  PHP Yes
  Zend Optimizer (v3.3.3) No Yes Yes
  ionCube PHP Loader (v4.0.5) Yes Yes Yes
  SQLite, GD, cURL, EXIF, OpenSSL, etc. Yes Yes Yes
  MySQL (v5.1.46) Yes Yes Yes
  phpMyAdmin Yes
  Apache (v1.3.26) Yes Yes Yes
  Firefox Portable Yes Yes Yes
  Notepad++ Portable Yes Yes Yes
NOTE: WindowsWAMP provides 3 versions (WindowsWAMP for PHP 5.3, WindowsWAMP for PHP 5.2 and WindowsWAMP for PHP 4) in one installation. Click here to see the screenshot.
Screenshots of WindowsWAMP
[ Screenshot 1 - WindowsWAMP Main Window ]

Screenshot 2 - Set Firefox Portable As Default Browser ]

What People Say About WindowsWAMP
Softpedia guarantees that WindowsWAMP is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
- Alexandru Pintilie, WindowsWAMP - 100% Clean
WindowsWAMP is the perfect portable PHP/MySQL development environment. Very convenient, very portable, very easy to install, and very nice. I am going to see what I can do to help you promote this software!
- Lonnie Gorby, United States
I just bought WindowsWAMP and all I can say is that it's an awesome product. It's taken me under 10 minutes to create a standalone WordPress test installation that I can use to try out new WordPress plugins without having to run through installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on their own.
- Will Dee, New Zealand
After the first "unsuccessful" attempts at uploading a file, I installed WampServer 2 and got immediately lost. So I decided to buy WindowsWAMP to give it a second try, and now I'm happy for having done so. Congratulations for this simple and complete product. I was able to pick it up in few minutes, despite no previous experience with PHP, MySQL and Apache. It "smells" right, and the support is great. By the way, if you have any problems with Italian mails, feel free to forward them to me for translation.
- Guido Gambardella, TDD Tecnologie Digitali
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